Wednesday, September 5

Pearly bib

Etsy is one of my favorite fashion spotting haunts. In fact, half my pinning on pinterest is from Etsy! Fashington Press Pinterest stalking link right here!

So when I saw the collar bib phenomenon taking Etsy over, I had my heart set on a grungy metal collar or an elegant pearl collar. My recent trip to NYC took me to Topshop, where I fell in love with this pearl beauty!

My favorite looks with this bib are either worn over an LBD or a vintage t-shirt as a collar, or as a bib as shot here.

Stay tuned for styling options with the pearly bib, and If you have one of your own...lets hear about it. 

Dress :: Victoria's Secret
Cardi :: Crewcutes- Jcrew kids
Ring :: H&M
Bib :: Topshop
Slip on's :: Roxy
Elephant head scarf ::Odel, Sri Lanka
Go to purse :: DKNY

Thursday, July 26

Delicate color blocking

Today's resolution- No Photoshop! Yes nothing has been photo-shopped on this shoot which is very unusual at The Fashington Press..Adding filters and sorts are so tempting in the era of Instagram. This project was about taking pictures on a DSLR with the right settings and keeping true with the GREENS and the BLUES. 
With so much color blocking on the High Street, here is a subtle version with bi chromatic colors. Love 80's sporty crop on the feminine skirt shape. 

Top :: Abercrombie & Fitch
Skirt :: Anthropologie
Bag :: Moms closet (as in my mom!)
Sunglasses :: Fred Flare (First Pinterest inspired purchase and under $15!!)
Shoes :: LK Bennett, favorite of our Princess Kate!
Necklace :: Present from a friend
Photo :: AD

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PS :: A lot of self resistance has been used to stop myself from photo-shopping some t-shirt over my six-packs...but then I thought the crop top is only doing its job! Watch think?

PSS :: So really did come first the chicken or the egg?

Sunday, July 15

Summer Retrology

Going retro this summer? We peek into our favorite cartoon character Betty Boo's wardrobe, and raid some of her looks! Miss Krunali wears a cute sweetheart neck polka dot top from Anthropologie. Throw on a pair of bright patent shoes to add some color. If the weather is anything like it is in Hotlanta, an over sized hat is very essential along with a trench option just in case it rains! This lampshade hat is made from 100% raffia and is easily fold-able to carry in your bag. The printed trench coat works wonderfully with the polka dots to add some pattern blocking.

Top :: Anthropologie
Shorts :: The Limited
Earrings :: Tiffany & Co.
Shoes :: Steve Madden
Trench coat :: The Limited
Hat : : Atlanta Jazz festival, market. Available online.
Model :: Miss Krunali
Photography :: Miss P

Wednesday, May 9

The Spring Lace Dress

Weather its summer vacation or a FNO with the need that go-to transcendental dress this Spring...I think we have found ours! Dreamy, soft, feminine, sexy and fun this white number can work any occasion. Our floating nymph doesn't have any shoes on, but you could dress it up with heels or down with ballerinas...the brighter the nicer! If you are looking for an excuse to wear your leather bomber...this dress will play tango night or day. 

We have been trying out some new photography techniques...on the Atlanta Beltline...A great place to get some fresh air and burn calories (if you count hanging up-side-down!) If you live in the area...go scout it out!)

Dress :: H&M
Ring :: TJ MAXX
Model :: Miss Janet (Thank you for all the hard work!!)
Photography + Styling :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca

Monday, April 16

The 80's super crop

It's been a while, but this time I have a genuine excuse. I got married...just like that. I know a wedding post is much due, but for now check out this 80's top. Growing up in the 80's, I wore mostly tie dye & acid washed jeans. I lusted over the crop tops but I wasn't allowed to touch them with a three feet pole!

I saw this at Urban Outfitters and bought one immediately. It has lovely corset seams and the fabric choice is great...they have a printed red option with ditsy flowers too!

They go perfectly with worn jeans...American car wash style!!

I've been trying some new photography techniques and post editing. Let me know what ya'll think.

Crop top : : Urban Outfitters
Shorts : : Charlotte Rouse
Ring : : TJ Maxx
Model : : Miss Janet
Photography : : Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca
Location : : Belt Line, ATL

Tuesday, March 20

Mrs. Betty Draper

Despite the pollen infestation and the teary eyes, I cant help but smile that spring is in the air. The fresh smells, cherry blossom and most fashionable season on the calender is here. I've been waiting all this while to shoot this awesome vintage top (from the clothing swap!). The lovely reverse collar detail and built up sleeve in a silky peach fabric is something Betty Draper would pick for spring. Teamed with the plaid riding shorts and lace up boots... voila our equestrian Betty Draper 2012! She sure stirs up our love for horses.

Shirt :: Vintage
Shorts :: Abercrombie & Fitch
Boots :: Lace ups from Sniff
Handbag :: From my childhood
Scarf ::Jane Carr
Pearl necklace :: J Crew
Long Pearl necklace ::Sri Lanka Duty Free
Cameo :: Vintage brooch
Glasses :: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet :: Gift from a friend
Socks :: Piazza Del Duomo, Milan
Model :: Miss Krunali

Wednesday, February 29

Marni for H&M

Pictures :: H&M
We HEART H&M. Not only do they made great affordable clothes so effortlessly chic, but they definitely know how to team up with the best...Italian brand Marni, the undisputed king of print! Come March 8th and its time to hit the stores again and queue up for the Marni collaboration at H&M. If you are worried about the lines, remind yourself that it is a choice between $50 or $1500!?? A lot of people out there don't get this collaboration thingy yet...but its the best thing that happened to us recessionistas! Why waste time browsing the high end fashion lines when we know we can never afford them? Here is the solution to all our spring summer wardrobe problems, cheap, chic and colourful. Our only complaint is that we need to see more shoes (they do look a tad bit grandmas esk!)

If prints are your thing then here is THE collection in which you can make complete outfits for some print on print action...if its not your thing, try mixing some of these pieces with some trendy low crotch pants or jeans/leggings. Personal fav :: The reversible printed dress @ 100 has great potential (we would love to style that for our blog!!). Beside that the ditsy printed shorts @ $50 and the patent leather top @ $150 are very Marni. The jewelry is awesome and super affordable @  $20-$50. Not sure what to make of the sequinned collar necklace, has a great potential to look really silly or very unless you are Coco Channel! Which ones are your favorites? 

PS:: Big smile on face about archiving this post for 29th Feb!! 

Tuesday, February 28

Miss Oni Diaries :: Swimwear

Our recent trip to Goa with top model Miss Nita, was not only a great holiday but an excellent testing opportunity for out Missoni for Target swimwear. Besides its beaches and parties, Goa is a great shopping destination for clothes and second hand jewelry items. We found this lovely spiky silver necklace in Arpora flea market (open Saturdays).They have sunglasses in every colour sold by hawkers on the road side! If you visit on a Wednesday try Anjuna flea market.

Miss Nita wears:: Missoni jersey shorts, Juicy Couture bikini top, Tieks shoes, flea market sunglasses, silver spike necklace from flea market.
Miss Priyanca wears:: Missoni 2 piece (comes with a detachable yellow halter strap), zara shoes, Flea market sunglasses, ding dong bling earrings- gift from a friend.

If you are diggin the Tieks (ballerina shoes) which are available in every possible colour under the sun, then we have excellent news. We will be visiting the NYC store in the coming week and shhh...possibly have a give away stay tuned.  In the mean time here is a slideshow (below, click play) to illustrate the requirements of our models at The Fashington Press! If like me, you want to see more of Miss Nita on the blog please leave her some comments! 

Wednesday, February 15

Mr. Valentine :: Men's debut

I've been planning a men's post for a while now and little did I imagine it would turn out to be on Valentines day... Bloomingdale was having a redic closing down sale so I dragged my boy friend with the idea of re-styling his wardrobe. We spotted this really washed deconstructed Boss jacket on a discreet rail, just as we were giving up in the men's section. Now all we needed was a complimenting accessory. The plaid Ralph Lauren scarf was still on the mannequin when we grabbed it...just like everyone else in this closing down heaven, we were grabbing anything with a price tag on it! This is THE only way I have found to make my boy friend wear skinny jeans...get him a nice fitted casual jacket! Throw in a scarf for more incentive...make him listen to Justin Timberlake and watch youtube videos of Kanya West!  (if you know of other ways pls let me know!!) 
We all know how skinny jeans are to most non-fashion types...girly, scary, gay and way too tight at the crotch! But its time to convert boys or you will be no different from them rodeo guys in their levis 505's.  All you have to do is go into the store and try it on!! Gap is a great place to start. They have looser upper fits with skinny legs, great range of colours and mild washes. If you are more adventurous try Urban Outfitters or Diesel. If skinny jeans are definitely not for you then try skinny chinos in neutral or bright colours. Uniqlo, American Eagle and Benetton have a nice range. Don't have to buy it...just try it! 
WARNING :: Always wear nice fitted briefs with these things! 
TIP :: Rock your skinny jeans with some formal  dress shoes, NO tacky sports wear! (Maybe Converse..)

Ankur's outfit :: Boss Jacket
Jeans :: Gap, Straight fit in Navy (says straight but its a little skinny)
Shirt :: Louis Philippe 
Scarf :: Ralph lauren
Shoes :: CK 

My outfit :: Ella Moss, from the Clothing swap I went to recently.
Pearl Jewelry :: China duty free
Rings :: H & M, set of three.
Shoes :: American Rag- Pink canvas shoes in the sale. They have lovey jute heels, very summery. Here are the Fashiongton Press we do not follow seasons strictly!! NO, No.
My sin :: I bought 6 pairs of shoes for a bargain price at the closing down sale at Bloomingdale, which is going to be the direct result for my happiness for the next few weeks! They are all floor samples and well worth it. Will showcase in the next few posts!
PS :: Don't forget to check out the special valentines manicure!

Show us some support and join the blog!! We will keep you up-to-date with men's fashion along with the usual women's stuff!

Happy Valentines..!

Wednesday, February 8

Vintage Clothing swap

Ive been to a lot of clothing & accessory swaps in my time but this one turned out to be one of the coziest. Everything was organised and arranged by a group of vintage loving girls, with a hoarder for a leader! What better way to clean up your wardrobe of all those bits from the thrift stores, and replace them with quality stuff that you can try on in your leisure.

Synopses :: Hand full of girls (with great wardrobes) come in with items they have loved for long enough. You get a token for each item you bring, largely divided into 1. expensive and treasured 2. Special mid-range 3. run of the mill 4. Accessories.

Highlights :: There was plenty of bubbly and sugar coated delights to tuck into during the swap. Everyone was warm and welcoming even to a strange English girl with American dyslexia...Even better was the abundance of smaller clothing that fit me perfectly! The highlight was the house cat that walked around inspecting every one's items and making sure stuff was in order!

I parted with :: my neon yellow Trevor jacket, but I got this lovely vintage yellow dress (second picture below) that I've already started wearing out!

What I wore to the swap :: American Apparel Tank top, Missoni for target skirt, Mango sequined jacket, Mom's vintage belt, Mom's old vintage bag, LD Tittle shoes. (below)

Thank you Jill and Jenny x o x

Thursday, February 2

Style Pilot :: review and guest post

The Fashington Press presents Style Pilot a new men's styling and online store, yes...dedicated solely to men's fashion! Love the sound of that? Read on...

The Fashington Press has been planning to enter the sartorial and preppy world of men's fashion styling, and working with Style Pilot on this guest post is what we call good timing!

So in a nut shell...Style Pilot has a selection of great brands (I can vouch for this coming from a men's fashion background...) they sell on their online store. Superdry, Timberland, Stone Island and Boden are some of my favs. Some key brands are definitely missing but bear in mind its just a start-up! What is really different about their selection is that they don't have boring whole retail ranges but hand picked select pieces, and I love them ones that are on there. Bit quirky, very wearable, totally today and super metro sexual. 

You can easily create outfits by adding items to your outfit builder...this helps you visualise the final ensemble! They also help you style your out fit by the occasion which can be useful in a hurry. Here is the dandy outfit I made...

PS: I love that some of the pieces are discounted as well! Talk about bargain!

Wednesday, January 25

Miss Oni Diaries

Now that the fiery heat from Target- Missoni has all sizzled out...its time to hit the streets in them Missonis...I was looking for something to wear on a hot date last night...something cozy yet eccentric and modern. (Much like the guy I was going out with...wink!!) I figured this XL kids Missoni was waiting to spring out of the closet after almost four months of hibernation. Fits well, perfect length, although it took an inner skirt to make the bottom half fall better. The leather jacket completes that European fashionista look. What's better is I got to use that blue Caruso eye shadow I got for $2 down at the flee market! 

More Missoni posts to come from our recent vacation, in the mean time let us know which Missoni pieces you bought and drop us a link to any pictures.

PS:: I was trying to figure out if any of the girls at the restaurant I went to recognised the Missoni dress...looks like the wine got to them!

Dress :: Missoni for Taget
Jacket :: Model's own
Metal earrings :: Gift from a friend
Shoes :: Scoop, NYC

Wednesday, January 18

New Years Fashion Resolutions

We are back, after a wonderfully long, super hyper holiday and a crazy New Years in Goa! Hope you had a Fash New Years lovelies. Besides sitting on our ass in the sun we have been up to some fashion mischief ourselves...yes we have been shooting some of our new purchases on some fab beaches in the Arabian sea...but first up lets focus on our resolution this year...The Fashington Press has taken some major decisions to focus more on DIY hand crafted fashion items, recycling and vintage pieces to keep up with the recession that doesn't seem to leave us. Be sure to see clothes previously showcased on our blog, but in a brand new way, you wont even notice! Its all about re-styling, recycling and being creative. First up is this folk hand crafted jumper worn as a dress with bright red this look further with a hobo felt hat and a woolen handbag. 

Sweater :: H&M
Tights :: Selfridges
Woolen handbag :: American Eagle
Felt hat :: Reiss
Ergonomic heels :: LD Tuttle

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