Friday, October 21

Halloween Special :: Edward Scissorhand

If you are looking for haunting, then this is your Halloween look... (scissor) hands down!!! Although we are not sure how Edward manages to dress himself without shredding his clothes, his style inspired this dark and disheveled look. After much deliberation, we opted not to replace our hands with sharp cutlery, however we did accent the shirt and belt with scissor-esque metallics. The one-piece play suit (that everyone buys in the sale, but is seldom worn out) takes centre stage. The metallic shirt adds layers and drama to this outfit. Its goth, mysterious, and romantic... a combination we find is sheargenius!

Let us know what you think or we'll cut off your head!

Play suit & shirt :: The Clothing Warehouse
Crochet clutch :: The Clothing Warehouse
Belt :: Thrift store
Model :: Miss Janet
Photography :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Priyanca
Special thanks to Miss Nita for her editorial contributions!! We heart you!

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Thursday, October 20

Halloween Special :: The Librarian

The Victorian Librarian, a lady with class and style, will silence you with her poise. We are loving layers this fall..thank you Halloween for appearing at this time. Miss Jacqueline wears a crisp white shirt with collar ruffles, Polka dot floor length dress and a leg-o-mutton sleeve jacket. The side braids that lead to a stern knot on the head, lends a perfect hair-do for our Librarian.  

Wardrobe :: The Clothing Warehouse
Location :: Dr. Bombay's
Model :: Miss Jacqueline
Hair + Make up :: Miss Naomi
Photography :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca 
Styling :: Miss Priyanca

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Monday, October 17

Halloween Special :: Alice in Wonderland

Halloween calls for a costume series on its own by The Fashington Press. This theatrical 'Alice in Wonderland' look is one of our favorites and so easy to achieve. Layer your look and make it feather light and dreamy...this multi collared dress is perfect for playing around and modeling into your character. Most vintage store will carry voile, lace and white pieces, which are perfect for layering. Play with patterned scarves, drawing attention to your collar and create that avant garde look, which is Alice. Weave your web around just a few colors and keep it simple, the spider adds a nice touch on the knot. Who knows, you might meet your 'Mad Hatter Depp' this Halloween!

Dress :: The Clothing Warehouse
Scarves ::The Clothing Warehouse
Model :: Miss Janet
Make-up :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Priyanca
Photography :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca

Special thanks to Dr. Bombay Cafe for letting us shoot at their awesome patio, and making the best cupcakes in town!

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