Friday, August 26

Don't mind the secretary. Look #3

Granny B* has reinvented itself with this oh so hot secretary look. See through grandma blouses are the perfect opportunity to bring out your uber cool high school bustiers. At TFP** its all about spurts of color, aka the tights. Try and get some nice rich English colors for work wear : : Charcoal, Teal, Rust, Wine and Olive. Look to Miss Pillsbury (from Glee) for the perfect librarian/ secretary look. Try collar pins, neck chains, broaches on the collar to make it look preppy exec! Don't forget your office satchel when you walk out that door. If you already have a classic one, try satchels in two-tone colors . Urban outfitters has a good collection. If you really want to push this look and be taken seriously...don a pair of dark frame glasses and stare back at people who leech at you!

So there you have TFP's 3 look all born from the Granny B. Which one is your fav? Poll to your right-hand side. Have one final look at all three looks before you vote from the main blog page. Thanks!

Granny B::Tramp, Madewell thrift store ; Rusty Tights::Topshop; Skirt::market in Korea $5; Shoes::Stefanie from DSW; Collar chain::Oxfam London; Glasses::Charming Charlies $5; Satchel::Urban Outfitters; Model::Miss naomi; Styling::Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca; Photography::Miss Priyanca

* Grandma Blouse **The Fashington Press, dummy!!

Wednesday, August 24

The Thrifter next door....Look # 2

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Hope you are not bored with the granny blouse yet! The Fashington Press has its second look, a more casual and fun one with the granny B. Especially suited for the hoarders and thrifters of all kinds of goods as you can layer your granny B with a solid color tank top or vest, here we have to mention more layering the merrier! All that is left is to bang on some bits and bobs you've stached away in that old biscuit tin! Some badges- mix them up so they are eccentric. Try accessorizing with long locket chains. DIY tip:: make your own darn charms- loose keys, coins on railway tracks or watches and loose earnings, funky visiting cards make unusual pendants! This is a perfect opportunity to wear all those insanely funky tights / socks with last years espadrilles or good old converse shoes. The trick is to keep the main colors down to one or two and use accent colors that many as you like!

Now the best part::the summer trilby...there has never been more discounted hats or such a huge selection available before...noting is easier than trying out hats in a store nor does  it burn a hole in your pocket. Find a style that suits you and get one in every color!

Granny Blouse::we all know its Tramp, Goodwill Thrift store!
Lace Tank top::Jaloux, Nordstorm
Clock chain::Urban Outfitters
Badges::Linking Road, Mumbai
Blue denim espadrilles::Kanna of Spain, DSW
Men's blue straw trilby::River island 5 bucks in the sale!
Model::Miss Naomi
Gold socks::Talbots
Styling::Miss Naomi+Miss Priyanca
Photography::Miss Priyanca

Tuesday, August 23

The hipster from the borough..Look #1

...continuing from our last post, here is our first look from the versatile grandma top. A corset dress with a floaty girly them legs and turn some heads when you are out dancing. Throw in some funky boots and vintage clutch to complete the pro binge hipster look!

Coming up in tomorrow's post is our vivacious casual look with the granny blouse...

Grandma blouse::Tramp, Madewell thrift store
Lace up corset with
Lace up bootie::G by Guess
Snake link gunmetal necklace(worn as bracelet)::Topshop
Bamboo clutch::Topshop Vintage
Diamante skull ring::gift from a friend
Model::Miss Naomi
Styling::Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca
Photography::Miss Priyanca
Red lipstick::Lancome

Monday, August 22

One Grandma blouse::Three different looks

All of us girls have a secret grandma shirt or two stashed away deep under our beds. The Fashington Press is all about recycling and re-using this summer. Here are three ways you can style your grams-shirt and make it look absofresh!!! Coming up in the next few posts we have grandma clubber, casual grams and hot secretary grams...Them peeps who are wondering about the clandestine Miss Naomi she makes her nifty debut! 

Grandma Shirt::Tramp, Goodwill Thrift Store
Model::Miss Naomi
Styling::Miss Naomi and Miss Priyanca
Photography::Miss Priyanca