Friday, August 26

Don't mind the secretary. Look #3

Granny B* has reinvented itself with this oh so hot secretary look. See through grandma blouses are the perfect opportunity to bring out your uber cool high school bustiers. At TFP** its all about spurts of color, aka the tights. Try and get some nice rich English colors for work wear : : Charcoal, Teal, Rust, Wine and Olive. Look to Miss Pillsbury (from Glee) for the perfect librarian/ secretary look. Try collar pins, neck chains, broaches on the collar to make it look preppy exec! Don't forget your office satchel when you walk out that door. If you already have a classic one, try satchels in two-tone colors . Urban outfitters has a good collection. If you really want to push this look and be taken seriously...don a pair of dark frame glasses and stare back at people who leech at you!

So there you have TFP's 3 look all born from the Granny B. Which one is your fav? Poll to your right-hand side. Have one final look at all three looks before you vote from the main blog page. Thanks!

Granny B::Tramp, Madewell thrift store ; Rusty Tights::Topshop; Skirt::market in Korea $5; Shoes::Stefanie from DSW; Collar chain::Oxfam London; Glasses::Charming Charlies $5; Satchel::Urban Outfitters; Model::Miss naomi; Styling::Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca; Photography::Miss Priyanca

* Grandma Blouse **The Fashington Press, dummy!!


  1. My boss works for me when I wear my killer heels.

  2. Love that purse :) very huge (good for concealing a weapon in case of a mugging downtown)

  3. I do carry a pink hammer in that purse for self-defense purpose.

  4. oooohh....I loved this one!!!! Damn it...recently gave away similar blouse i had :(
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. love the look!
    great pictures!
    and by the way loving the blog!

    (following you now)


  6. Ohhh i likey that bag