Wednesday, November 23

English Countryside

Here at the Fashington Press we are keeping abreast with the weather. What could be cozier than bundling up in a grandma sweater and a cuppa? We team this preppy patterned sweater with this vivid bondage skirt. The suspenders add a quirky preppy touch. The rustic Melton hat with the wild roses, match the theme on the suspenders. With this look you will be all set to stroll down the English countryside!

Sweater :: Express
Skirt :: Canal Street, NYC
Hat :: Designers Market, London
Suspenders :: Thrift store
Model :: Miss Priyanca
Photographer :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Priyanca

Special thanks to Inman Perk Cafe for letting us shoot at their fab hangout!!

Wednesday, November 9

Downton Abbey :: Lady Crawley Maxi

Downton Abbey, the coolest British period drama is taking over our lives. If you have not started watching it yet, it is the perfect time to start. This vintage gown, in Mary Crawley style is our favorite from The Clothing Warehouse. What with all your friends wearing maxi dresses this fall, this is the perfect way to stand out from all the drama!

Model ::Miss Jaquelin 
Hair + Make-up :: Miss Naomi
Photography :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca
Styling :: Miss Priyanca

Special thanks to Dr. Bombay Cafe for letting us shoot with their awesome piano.

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Thursday, November 3

Amsterdam's Grunge Room

Hope our Halloween special gave you enough inspiration to turn some heads. Do let us know how it went...We take a paradigm shift from wild and surreal to 'Amsterdam Grunge' with this music inspired, attitude loaded shoot. Our model Miss Devon, from the band ' TACO' wears a saucy corset top in red forget-me-not foil. The delicate accessories are styled to contrast her grungy tattoos. For shoes we went for the more preppy oxford lace up boots, a hit with the Amsterdam music scene. Set in a derelict santuary of books, musical instruments and all sorts of junk, this house in the urbs was a great backdrop for our shoot. Thanks to Andre for loaning his baby ;)

Top :: Junkman's Daughter
Shorts :: Junkman's Daughter , Living Dead Soul
Jacket :: Miss Priyanca's design
Cameo necklace :: St. Simon's flea market
Bracelets :: Charming Charlie's
Stone Ring :: Gem X
Studded Belt :: Junkman's Daughter
Shoes :: Franco Sarto
Hair + Makeup :: Miss Naomi
Model :: Miss Devon, lead singer from TACO
Photography :: Miss Priyanca + Miss Naomi 
Styling :: Miss Priyanca

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Friday, October 21

Halloween Special :: Edward Scissorhand

If you are looking for haunting, then this is your Halloween look... (scissor) hands down!!! Although we are not sure how Edward manages to dress himself without shredding his clothes, his style inspired this dark and disheveled look. After much deliberation, we opted not to replace our hands with sharp cutlery, however we did accent the shirt and belt with scissor-esque metallics. The one-piece play suit (that everyone buys in the sale, but is seldom worn out) takes centre stage. The metallic shirt adds layers and drama to this outfit. Its goth, mysterious, and romantic... a combination we find is sheargenius!

Let us know what you think or we'll cut off your head!

Play suit & shirt :: The Clothing Warehouse
Crochet clutch :: The Clothing Warehouse
Belt :: Thrift store
Model :: Miss Janet
Photography :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Priyanca
Special thanks to Miss Nita for her editorial contributions!! We heart you!

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Thursday, October 20

Halloween Special :: The Librarian

The Victorian Librarian, a lady with class and style, will silence you with her poise. We are loving layers this fall..thank you Halloween for appearing at this time. Miss Jacqueline wears a crisp white shirt with collar ruffles, Polka dot floor length dress and a leg-o-mutton sleeve jacket. The side braids that lead to a stern knot on the head, lends a perfect hair-do for our Librarian.  

Wardrobe :: The Clothing Warehouse
Location :: Dr. Bombay's
Model :: Miss Jacqueline
Hair + Make up :: Miss Naomi
Photography :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca 
Styling :: Miss Priyanca

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Monday, October 17

Halloween Special :: Alice in Wonderland

Halloween calls for a costume series on its own by The Fashington Press. This theatrical 'Alice in Wonderland' look is one of our favorites and so easy to achieve. Layer your look and make it feather light and dreamy...this multi collared dress is perfect for playing around and modeling into your character. Most vintage store will carry voile, lace and white pieces, which are perfect for layering. Play with patterned scarves, drawing attention to your collar and create that avant garde look, which is Alice. Weave your web around just a few colors and keep it simple, the spider adds a nice touch on the knot. Who knows, you might meet your 'Mad Hatter Depp' this Halloween!

Dress :: The Clothing Warehouse
Scarves ::The Clothing Warehouse
Model :: Miss Janet
Make-up :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Priyanca
Photography :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca

Special thanks to Dr. Bombay Cafe for letting us shoot at their awesome patio, and making the best cupcakes in town!

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Friday, October 14

Halloween special :: The Magician

Its coming up to Halloween, our favorite time of the year..Dress-up time! The Fashington Press has a line up of some dreamy theatrical outfits this October, in collaboration with 'The Clothing Warehouse'..yes our favorite store in Little Five. We have our first look :: The Magician. Weave your magic with DIY and not outfits. Get your ass down to your favorite vintage store and raid their over flowing boxes...We put together this great flowy bell trouser with a simple formal cream shirt. Big bows with printed scarf adds a touch of Parisian chic. The top hat is the icing on the cake, the taller the better! 

Coming up next is our Tim Burton inspired :: Alice in Wonderland.

Trouser, Shirt, Scarf :: The Clothing Warehouse
Make-up + Photography:: Miss Naomi
Model :: Miss Priyanca

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Saturday, October 8

Cup Cake LBD, Look #5

And the final look for the LBD series is this cutesy 'Cup Cake' hem LBD with a cut out back. This is for the chirpy girls who skip not walk, peep not look and sing not talk. The bib necklace and the bright surreal accessories lends it a bit of a fairy tale effect. Tease your hair and create a heavy wind swept fizz for the perfect party attitude to match the dress...Little tip here with this style :: use a ra-ra inside skirt to bring out the volume to create the perfect cup cake hem!

Dress:: Topshop
Shoes::Casa Anita
Necklace::Eclectic Gal Boutique
Earrings::Modern Matters
Bangles::General Bazaar
Photography::Miss Naomi

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Monday, October 3

O'Ren LBD, Look #4

Its time to transition away from the more classic LBDs into a more edgy look inspired by one of our favorite movies Kill Bill.  We channeled our inner O'Ren (Lucy Liu's character in the film) when putting together this outfit.  Bits of black with evil hints of red on this gorgeous tailor made Cheongasm LBD.  As Halloween is around the corner, we added steel gray pearls and the crow feathered hat to add a touch of haunting and wanting.  If you are looking for a killerlook, then this outfit will certainly fit the bill.
Don't make O'Ren chop your head off to figure out your take on this look...leave some comments :)

Dress :: Custom made in China
Shoes :: Beatrix Ong, London
Red Suede Clutch :: Thrift store, London
Pearl necklace, worn as bracelet :: Modern Matters
Feather Hat :: Modern Matters
Pearl Necklace with red stone :: Stone N String, Sri Lanka.
Red Stone necklace :: China Market
Red Glasses :: China Market
Model :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca
Photography :: Miss Priyanca

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Wednesday, September 28

Audrey Hepburn LBD, Look #3

Leaning towards 'formal cocktail' any hour of the day, our Audrey LBD and makeover is for those girls who enjoy eating their breakfast at Tiffany's .

Can't go to Tiffany's without the appopriate jewelry!  For this classic yet girly look we chose pearls... loads and loads of pearls- guaranteed to make heads turn!  Even for those petite gals there is something brave and confident about wearing eight layers of pearls around your neck.  Keep the other accessories minimal and simple.  Hair Tip:: don't wash your hair for a few days if you want to recreate this beehive... use tons of hair spray before backcombing forwards and backwards.  This is especially suited for damsels with a sexy fringe like Audrey!

Dress :: Express
Shoes :: Cathy Jean
Necklace :: Modern Matters, 2 separate pearl stacks
Earrings :: Betsy Johnson
Head Broach :: Modern Matters
Model :: Miss Pooja
Make up + Hair :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Priyanca
Photography :: ADD + Miss Priyanca

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Saturday, September 24

The Burlesque LBD, Look #2

Burlesque, Burlesque, Burlesque.. lately this has been THE look around town. Here is the big question when strutting the look, 'Is it possible to look sexy yet not tarty?'.

The Fashiongton Press sought to answer this question by styling this popular look with a corset LBD. Remember, sexy is the key here, especially if it is on a night out to lure the right kind of man (or woman). Inspired from Madonna & Winehouse's personalities, we focus on our model-Miss Devon's music personality and charm .
Introduce layers of long pendants and charms making sure to keep them classy. Sometimes it is good to divert the attention from the dress with carefree and fun accessories. Yes, you are allowed to go bonkers with one element (we couldn't resist the feather boa earrings!). With shoes, keep it simple with a hint of naughty. These leopard trim shoes, color block the look drawing attention to your sexy stems. 
Make your eyes shine with this Dita VonTesse'esk eye make up.

Have a helluva weekend!!

Corset dress :: Junkman's Daughter, ATL.  Brand :: Misop'e
Shoes :: Steve Madden
Feather trim earrings :: Rainbow
Locket necklace :: Charming Charlies, ATL
Time piece Necklace :: Urban Outfitters
Cross/Skull necklace :: Canal St, NYC
Pearl Ring ::Gift from a friend
Stone Ring :: Gen x
Model:: Miss Devon
Hair + Make Up :: Miss Naomi
Styling + Photography ::Miss Priyanca + Miss Naomi

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Wednesday, September 21

The 60's LBD, look #1

Often with fashion we are stuck with decisions and confusion on what to wear and what to leave out. With this 60's Bridget Bardot inspired styling shoot we decided to go with a complete black and white look. This is a great way to style a look  +  rid the dilemma of colorful goof ups. Miss Janet wears a beautiful lace trim dress from The Eclectic Gal Boutique straight out of the 60's and immaculately preserved! Our favorite touch is the mesh silver belt from Modern Matters, which gives this look a more edgy modern feel. Whether it is an evening do or a business meeting, this look demonstrates effortless 'Bardot Parisian Chic'. Janet's windswept hair is built on heavy back combing and tons of hair spray. A wide head sash tidies up the mess perfectly!

Black lace trim dress::Eclectic Gal Boutique
Dog tooth belt, mesh belt, Patent purse, Diamond clip on earrings::Modern Matters
Ring::Gift from a friend
Model::Miss Janet
Hair + Makeup:: Miss Naomi
Photography + Styling::Miss Priyanca

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Monday, September 19

The LBD Diary

The much awaited post on the 'Little black dress' is here! The Fashington Press's most massive shoot so far, tries to portray five different looks on our dear old LBD's. We take inspiration from the 60's all the way to Kill Bill, weaving a story around each look..perhaps one of them is for you?
Hang in there for the next post on the '60's LBD' and four more posts on other looks. 
Models::Miss Janet, Miss Devon, Miss Pooja, Miss Naomi & Miss Priyanca
Photography::Miss Naomi, Miss Priyanca + AD
Styling::Miss Priyanca

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