Monday, October 3

O'Ren LBD, Look #4

Its time to transition away from the more classic LBDs into a more edgy look inspired by one of our favorite movies Kill Bill.  We channeled our inner O'Ren (Lucy Liu's character in the film) when putting together this outfit.  Bits of black with evil hints of red on this gorgeous tailor made Cheongasm LBD.  As Halloween is around the corner, we added steel gray pearls and the crow feathered hat to add a touch of haunting and wanting.  If you are looking for a killerlook, then this outfit will certainly fit the bill.
Don't make O'Ren chop your head off to figure out your take on this look...leave some comments :)

Dress :: Custom made in China
Shoes :: Beatrix Ong, London
Red Suede Clutch :: Thrift store, London
Pearl necklace, worn as bracelet :: Modern Matters
Feather Hat :: Modern Matters
Pearl Necklace with red stone :: Stone N String, Sri Lanka.
Red Stone necklace :: China Market
Red Glasses :: China Market
Model :: Miss Naomi
Styling :: Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca
Photography :: Miss Priyanca

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  1. LOVE those shoes!

  2. That dress is gorgeous on you!

  3. nice styling work!

  4. Ok. I am in love with those red textured shoes.

  5. realllly love that dress! you wear it so well!
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