Monday, April 16

The 80's super crop

It's been a while, but this time I have a genuine excuse. I got married...just like that. I know a wedding post is much due, but for now check out this 80's top. Growing up in the 80's, I wore mostly tie dye & acid washed jeans. I lusted over the crop tops but I wasn't allowed to touch them with a three feet pole!

I saw this at Urban Outfitters and bought one immediately. It has lovely corset seams and the fabric choice is great...they have a printed red option with ditsy flowers too!

They go perfectly with worn jeans...American car wash style!!

I've been trying some new photography techniques and post editing. Let me know what ya'll think.

Crop top : : Urban Outfitters
Shorts : : Charlotte Rouse
Ring : : TJ Maxx
Model : : Miss Janet
Photography : : Miss Naomi + Miss Priyanca
Location : : Belt Line, ATL