Wednesday, January 18

New Years Fashion Resolutions

We are back, after a wonderfully long, super hyper holiday and a crazy New Years in Goa! Hope you had a Fash New Years lovelies. Besides sitting on our ass in the sun we have been up to some fashion mischief ourselves...yes we have been shooting some of our new purchases on some fab beaches in the Arabian sea...but first up lets focus on our resolution this year...The Fashington Press has taken some major decisions to focus more on DIY hand crafted fashion items, recycling and vintage pieces to keep up with the recession that doesn't seem to leave us. Be sure to see clothes previously showcased on our blog, but in a brand new way, you wont even notice! Its all about re-styling, recycling and being creative. First up is this folk hand crafted jumper worn as a dress with bright red this look further with a hobo felt hat and a woolen handbag. 

Sweater :: H&M
Tights :: Selfridges
Woolen handbag :: American Eagle
Felt hat :: Reiss
Ergonomic heels :: LD Tuttle

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  1. gorgeous sweater!!

  2. Lovelyyyy. I love the tights my super star pe x

  3. nice photos! I really love the sweater

  4. I have tons of New Year's fashion resolutions as well! More color blocking, owning a pair or two of colorful skinnies, and wearing colored tights! Great post! xoxo