Wednesday, January 25

Miss Oni Diaries

Now that the fiery heat from Target- Missoni has all sizzled out...its time to hit the streets in them Missonis...I was looking for something to wear on a hot date last night...something cozy yet eccentric and modern. (Much like the guy I was going out with...wink!!) I figured this XL kids Missoni was waiting to spring out of the closet after almost four months of hibernation. Fits well, perfect length, although it took an inner skirt to make the bottom half fall better. The leather jacket completes that European fashionista look. What's better is I got to use that blue Caruso eye shadow I got for $2 down at the flee market! 

More Missoni posts to come from our recent vacation, in the mean time let us know which Missoni pieces you bought and drop us a link to any pictures.

PS:: I was trying to figure out if any of the girls at the restaurant I went to recognised the Missoni dress...looks like the wine got to them!

Dress :: Missoni for Taget
Jacket :: Model's own
Metal earrings :: Gift from a friend
Shoes :: Scoop, NYC


  1. you look gorgeous, great photos!

  2. this is a lovely outfit
    you look great! :)

  3. i really love you're dress!! amazing!!1
    visit my blog
    xoxo Marika

  4. beatiful dress!!!

  5. cute! love this dress on you! :)

  6. That Missoni dress is sooo gorgeous, you look pretty :) xoxo

  7. I wish I had gotten the opportunity to grab a cute Missoni item from Target but everything was sold out! Love your dress, it looks so fab on you! Lots of stores are making replicas of Missoni scarfs and dresses so you could always look at the typical stores... but I canNOT wait for Jason Wu for Target! I am definitely going to have to grab something from his line :) xoxo!

  8. Looking gorgeous!!


  9. This dress looks so lovely on you - great pairing with the tights!


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