Thursday, February 2

Style Pilot :: review and guest post

The Fashington Press presents Style Pilot a new men's styling and online store, yes...dedicated solely to men's fashion! Love the sound of that? Read on...

The Fashington Press has been planning to enter the sartorial and preppy world of men's fashion styling, and working with Style Pilot on this guest post is what we call good timing!

So in a nut shell...Style Pilot has a selection of great brands (I can vouch for this coming from a men's fashion background...) they sell on their online store. Superdry, Timberland, Stone Island and Boden are some of my favs. Some key brands are definitely missing but bear in mind its just a start-up! What is really different about their selection is that they don't have boring whole retail ranges but hand picked select pieces, and I love them ones that are on there. Bit quirky, very wearable, totally today and super metro sexual. 

You can easily create outfits by adding items to your outfit builder...this helps you visualise the final ensemble! They also help you style your out fit by the occasion which can be useful in a hurry. Here is the dandy outfit I made...

PS: I love that some of the pieces are discounted as well! Talk about bargain!


  1. Congrats on your Style Pilot guest blog - it's terrific! I'm loving those striped socks!!