Wednesday, February 8

Vintage Clothing swap

Ive been to a lot of clothing & accessory swaps in my time but this one turned out to be one of the coziest. Everything was organised and arranged by a group of vintage loving girls, with a hoarder for a leader! What better way to clean up your wardrobe of all those bits from the thrift stores, and replace them with quality stuff that you can try on in your leisure.

Synopses :: Hand full of girls (with great wardrobes) come in with items they have loved for long enough. You get a token for each item you bring, largely divided into 1. expensive and treasured 2. Special mid-range 3. run of the mill 4. Accessories.

Highlights :: There was plenty of bubbly and sugar coated delights to tuck into during the swap. Everyone was warm and welcoming even to a strange English girl with American dyslexia...Even better was the abundance of smaller clothing that fit me perfectly! The highlight was the house cat that walked around inspecting every one's items and making sure stuff was in order!

I parted with :: my neon yellow Trevor jacket, but I got this lovely vintage yellow dress (second picture below) that I've already started wearing out!

What I wore to the swap :: American Apparel Tank top, Missoni for target skirt, Mango sequined jacket, Mom's vintage belt, Mom's old vintage bag, LD Tittle shoes. (below)

Thank you Jill and Jenny x o x


  1. awesome photos! looks like an amazing time!

  2. god i can't believe i missed out big time!

  3. So happy you came, and lovely to meet you! <3