Wednesday, February 15

Mr. Valentine :: Men's debut

I've been planning a men's post for a while now and little did I imagine it would turn out to be on Valentines day... Bloomingdale was having a redic closing down sale so I dragged my boy friend with the idea of re-styling his wardrobe. We spotted this really washed deconstructed Boss jacket on a discreet rail, just as we were giving up in the men's section. Now all we needed was a complimenting accessory. The plaid Ralph Lauren scarf was still on the mannequin when we grabbed it...just like everyone else in this closing down heaven, we were grabbing anything with a price tag on it! This is THE only way I have found to make my boy friend wear skinny jeans...get him a nice fitted casual jacket! Throw in a scarf for more incentive...make him listen to Justin Timberlake and watch youtube videos of Kanya West!  (if you know of other ways pls let me know!!) 
We all know how skinny jeans are to most non-fashion types...girly, scary, gay and way too tight at the crotch! But its time to convert boys or you will be no different from them rodeo guys in their levis 505's.  All you have to do is go into the store and try it on!! Gap is a great place to start. They have looser upper fits with skinny legs, great range of colours and mild washes. If you are more adventurous try Urban Outfitters or Diesel. If skinny jeans are definitely not for you then try skinny chinos in neutral or bright colours. Uniqlo, American Eagle and Benetton have a nice range. Don't have to buy it...just try it! 
WARNING :: Always wear nice fitted briefs with these things! 
TIP :: Rock your skinny jeans with some formal  dress shoes, NO tacky sports wear! (Maybe Converse..)

Ankur's outfit :: Boss Jacket
Jeans :: Gap, Straight fit in Navy (says straight but its a little skinny)
Shirt :: Louis Philippe 
Scarf :: Ralph lauren
Shoes :: CK 

My outfit :: Ella Moss, from the Clothing swap I went to recently.
Pearl Jewelry :: China duty free
Rings :: H & M, set of three.
Shoes :: American Rag- Pink canvas shoes in the sale. They have lovey jute heels, very summery. Here are the Fashiongton Press we do not follow seasons strictly!! NO, No.
My sin :: I bought 6 pairs of shoes for a bargain price at the closing down sale at Bloomingdale, which is going to be the direct result for my happiness for the next few weeks! They are all floor samples and well worth it. Will showcase in the next few posts!
PS :: Don't forget to check out the special valentines manicure!

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Happy Valentines..!


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