Tuesday, March 20

Mrs. Betty Draper

Despite the pollen infestation and the teary eyes, I cant help but smile that spring is in the air. The fresh smells, cherry blossom and most fashionable season on the calender is here. I've been waiting all this while to shoot this awesome vintage top (from the clothing swap!). The lovely reverse collar detail and built up sleeve in a silky peach fabric is something Betty Draper would pick for spring. Teamed with the plaid riding shorts and lace up boots... voila our equestrian Betty Draper 2012! She sure stirs up our love for horses.

Shirt :: Vintage
Shorts :: Abercrombie & Fitch
Boots :: Lace ups from Sniff
Handbag :: From my childhood
Scarf ::Jane Carr
Pearl necklace :: J Crew
Long Pearl necklace ::Sri Lanka Duty Free
Cameo :: Vintage brooch
Glasses :: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet :: Gift from a friend
Socks :: Piazza Del Duomo, Milan
Model :: Miss Krunali


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