Wednesday, February 29

Marni for H&M

Pictures :: H&M
We HEART H&M. Not only do they made great affordable clothes so effortlessly chic, but they definitely know how to team up with the best...Italian brand Marni, the undisputed king of print! Come March 8th and its time to hit the stores again and queue up for the Marni collaboration at H&M. If you are worried about the lines, remind yourself that it is a choice between $50 or $1500!?? A lot of people out there don't get this collaboration thingy yet...but its the best thing that happened to us recessionistas! Why waste time browsing the high end fashion lines when we know we can never afford them? Here is the solution to all our spring summer wardrobe problems, cheap, chic and colourful. Our only complaint is that we need to see more shoes (they do look a tad bit grandmas esk!)

If prints are your thing then here is THE collection in which you can make complete outfits for some print on print action...if its not your thing, try mixing some of these pieces with some trendy low crotch pants or jeans/leggings. Personal fav :: The reversible printed dress @ 100 has great potential (we would love to style that for our blog!!). Beside that the ditsy printed shorts @ $50 and the patent leather top @ $150 are very Marni. The jewelry is awesome and super affordable @  $20-$50. Not sure what to make of the sequinned collar necklace, has a great potential to look really silly or very unless you are Coco Channel! Which ones are your favorites? 

PS:: Big smile on face about archiving this post for 29th Feb!! 


  1. Great collection, love these pieces! Thanks for visiting my blog xxx

  2. Love the collection so much! Thanks for your comment.

  3. this collection is fantastic and very inspiring ..!

  4. the patterns and colours are too bold for me...

  5. Hey !
    This collection is gorgeous ! I'm loving the prints :)


  6. Ahhh this collection is to die for! I told the Tieks girls about your post that included them! I think they stopped by :-)

    TheStylist LA

  7. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great weekend!!! :-)

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  9. Oh darling I was so bummed that I couldn't get a hold of anything from the collection (I was in a meeting and by the time I was out the pieces I wanted were sold out!). Boohooo

  10. I didnt get any of these as resisting ebay!!