Wednesday, September 5

Pearly bib

Etsy is one of my favorite fashion spotting haunts. In fact, half my pinning on pinterest is from Etsy! Fashington Press Pinterest stalking link right here!

So when I saw the collar bib phenomenon taking Etsy over, I had my heart set on a grungy metal collar or an elegant pearl collar. My recent trip to NYC took me to Topshop, where I fell in love with this pearl beauty!

My favorite looks with this bib are either worn over an LBD or a vintage t-shirt as a collar, or as a bib as shot here.

Stay tuned for styling options with the pearly bib, and If you have one of your own...lets hear about it. 

Dress :: Victoria's Secret
Cardi :: Crewcutes- Jcrew kids
Ring :: H&M
Bib :: Topshop
Slip on's :: Roxy
Elephant head scarf ::Odel, Sri Lanka
Go to purse :: DKNY