Saturday, April 13

Salvage ATL

Ello! Ello! Its Salvage ATL time of the year again so spring is definitely here. I sure spotted some new faces and vendors this time around at the Salvage fair and very interesting 'curios'. This morning I left with strict instructions not to buy anything :( We have a rather daunting task of transporting our (my) large curio collection (as AD called my lovely treasures!) to NYC in less that two months. I am not allowed to buy anything besides food until end of June. It is however hard to resist such a wonderful spread of vintage items and beautifully reconstructed jewelry pieces, not to mention super friendly store owners. I did secretly get a big sunflower brooch, something I wanted for a long time...shhh....


I absolutely loved the jewelry pieces from Sincerely Smitten, plus the name has a nice ring to it! Recycled eye testing glass, old watches and all things vintage recycled into lovely pendants and delicately put together. 

Foxboxes had some great products, my favorite being the map flasks. Great personalized present idea for a bachelor night or wedding favors for guys :) 

Sarah Watts has some really cool vintagesque aprons, screen printed tea towels and posters for the kitchen. I can't wait to get some stuff from here when we make our cozy curio filled home!  

I finally got to wear my new Betty Draper dress that I bought in Thailand. The blue pointy suede shoes were an unbelievable $4 from Little Five! We just celebrated our first anniversary, and sure enough AD has got to know me a lot better :) He got me the pearl tea pot pendant that I am so obsessed with... Funnily after Salvage we went for some bubble tea at Honey Bubble, my new tea haunt. 

PS: The very last picture is mind boggling I know. It is a cup with ice tea bubbles inside an ice cube, which made my friend Uma (a fellow bubble mania enthusiast) really excited! 

PSS:: Thanks you James for modelling! I like the aloof 'look away' pose :) 

Priyanca xox

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