Sunday, August 14

Checked Stamped and Prepped

When I was in NYC over Christmas I visited this store called Tierra. They make adorable hand crafted jewelry, but the cream on the pudding is the little bags they put their merchandise in with a ribbon rosette. So when Miss Nita visited me in her vivid check shirt we dressed it up with this ribbon and her legendary Manhattan map necklace. Whats more we stumbled upon this amazing thrift store -Historic camp Bowie Mercantile, which we raided for 4 days in a row where we shot these pictures.

Check shirt::Madewell
Collar ribbon::Tierra, NYC
Manhattan map necklace::Thrift store
Painted bangles::General Bazar, Hyderabad (this place is a bangle jungle!!)
Denim jorts::Forever 21
Straw Trilby::The Hatter Company
Glasses::Warby Parker
Model::Miss Nita
Photography+Styling::Miss Priyanca


  1. fashintongon press has amazing styling and unbelievable locations!!! can't wait to see what is to come! love this blog!

  2. thanks dearie! now we will have to live up to that checkpectation! :)

  3. ohh, the good old loaf of bread!

  4. hey i remember those bangles:):) goess so well n looks soo stylish :):)