Wednesday, August 17

Hitch Up Your Humor Suspenders

Green is a colour, it is considered one of the addictive primary colors. Although it is not really a primary colour it definitely dominates my wardrobe of late. Cant get enough of it!

Green plaid::American Eagle
Rose creeper elastic suspenders::Gift from a friend (thanks brother Jim!)
Kid's red tie::Stefans ATL
White clinical watch::Storm
White shorts::A+F
Green apple scarf::Aldo
Ringo glasses::Portobello Road, 3 for 10 bucks!
Photography+styling::Miss Priyanca


  1. I like this model much better. Her facial expressions are far less awkward than that other model.

  2. You Secret AdmirerAugust 17, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    as my name stated.

  3. green cash money hoes

  4. Need some fashion advice--
    Ive got a date on friday night. What color shirt is a "power" shirt that will impress my girl?

  5. Not sure what is in your wardrobe...but a nice fitted white shirt and cotton check trousers from banana Republic are my classic favs!Im a sucka for guys in casual smart..with a more casual attitude and Armani perfume. Good Luck!