Monday, September 5

The Avril Revival

For all our readers that are punky, funky and cant do pretty, here is how to work the 'vintage look' along with your modern ensembles! We have an Avril Lavigne inspired shoot (in the rain and all the jazz).
What you will need : : Tomb Raider'esk outfit, old tooled ethnic bags (best purchases are made on travels to places that are great at making handicrafts). Old socks make great wrist bands...try dishing out your grandpa's argyle knitted ones! Old military boots or footwear that has done its time. Big bright watch : : don't stop at women's watches...try out big ass men's watches. Raid your camping paraphernalia for some nice props- water cans, D-rings. A really messy head of hair and a whole load of attitude ties everything together. Want to push it a little further? Darken your eyebrows with power based make up and dark eyes. Don't forget to spray on some macho perfume before you get outta that door.

Dress::G Star                                                              Cuff:: Burlington
Bag1::Camel tool bag, Urban Outfitters                        Watch::Casio
Bag2::From Mexico                                                     Shoes::Steve Madden
Camper water bottle::Trekking store                            Photo::AD + Miss P

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  1. The one with legs coming out of the face is FREAKY! love it

    X Zoe X

  2. cool the boots!!

  3. wow nice pictures:) love them

  4. AMAZING photos. Nice ensemble

  5. so fun! great photos!


  6. Nice look!

  7. Looks like you had fun taking those photos!

    ❤, K


  8. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much!I love this outfit, but most I like the photos so fresh and original!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  9. those pic's are so fun! love it :)

  10. Great photos, awesome boots! xoxo

  11. Those photographs are great! I love the ones playing with the wall- looks super cool!

  12. so cute love the pics!
    you look amazinG!!!
    i'm following you by google friends box hope you'll do the same ONLY if' you'll like mine!
    sweet italian kisses

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  13. The photos are stunning , love them all!

  14. Gracias por seguirme , de verdad que te lo agradezco!Muchos besos! Estaré atenta a tu blog! Que seguro que pronto habrán novedades!

  15. waow girl! these pictures are amazing.. love your energy! p.s. I entered a blogger contest and I really need you to 'like' my picture.. it only takes a second. And the contest only runs for a week! I'd really appreciated. here is an explanation: